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Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Kaylo - Get Your Skin Ready for Summer -


Summer is always a much-awaited time for parties, festivities, and outdoor activities after gloomy winter (well, if you live in the north). As the weather changes, our routines, activities, and needs also change. Our skin also needs a makeover and a new routine in the summertime to keep it fresh and glowy. Hot summer days, whether humid or dry, combined with more prolonged sunlight exposure, affect our skin differently than the colder winter weather. However, a skincare routine during summer days should vary depending on your location. Some places have a high temperatures and dry air, while other areas have a more moderate summer temperature. You need to adjustment accordingly. Wherever you live, you need a skincare routine that includes SPF (sun protection factor), sunscreen, moisturizing, hydrating, and you should be mindful not to over-shower. With more and more research and literature about what skin needs and what is essential for skin, skincare and beauty experts offer several tips for that are so easy to incorporate into your daily routine.


Summer skincare routine

The skin care tips that are discussed below are to help different skin types. The beauty and skincare routine that works for you can, and often will vary from others. That’s why our team has come up with those skincare tips that can be easily applied and valuable for everyone. Let’s dive in!


1. SPF, Use sunscreen all the time

Always, always wear sunscreen before leaving the house and going under the sunlight. SPF (sun protection factor) is the most important during summer. If you can’t do much about your skin, at least don’t forget to wear good sunscreen. While buying a sunscreen, keep these things in mind that sunscreen must have:

  • Minimum SPF 30
  • Lip protection
  • Broad-spectrum protection
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Dermatologists like Elizabeth Mullans, MD, strongly suggest that your skin must be protected from the sun at all costs. Not applying sunscreen when going out can result in premature aging of your skin and put you at risk of getting skin cancer. To avoid such devasting outcomes, always wear sunscreen in summer and winter when going under sunlight. The skin cancer foundation claims the daily use of SPF 15 reduces the chance of acquiring melanoma (that leads to skin cancer) by 50 percent.

For summertime, go for at least SPF 30 in your sunscreen. Broad-spectrum protection in sunscreen means your skin is protected from UV rays. After looking for these elements in sunscreen, the next is your own personal preference.

Dermatologists recommend you should generously apply sunscreen to the exposed body parts every two hours and do not ignore your lips; they also need protection from sunlight.

2. Lighter makeup in summer and makeup with SPF

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During summer, when we shed heavy clothes and wear light and thin dresses, so should our skin. Cut down a little on heavy makeup and layers of foundation. The skin needs to breathe, and rich layers of makeup can block the breathing process of the skin. The importance of SPF has already been stated, and you should also incorporate a summer makeup that contains SPF. The lighter the layers of makeup are on your face, the softer and fresher your skin will stay.

3. Moisturize your skin

The skincare essentials include moisturizing your skin. Moisturizing the skin should not be limited to winters. Our skin needs moisturizing during summer, just as much as it needs moisturizing in winter. During summers, depending on where you live, the air could get dry, and so can your skin. On the other hand, some skin types get really oily during summer, and many tend to ditch moisturizers. Oily skin, heat mixed with moisturizer can get heavy. Heavy moisturizers can cause inflammation due to clogged pores.

To avoid the heaviness on your skin, like lighter makeup, look for lighter moisturizers for your skin during summer. There are dual-purpose moisturizing products available, a combination of sunscreen moisturizer that keeps your skin moisturized while protecting it. Moisturizer is vital to protect the outermost layer of the skin from pollutants and keep it nourished. Try to follow cleansing with a light moisturizer.

4. Exfoliate

Skincare tips that are easy to follow and can be done effortlessly at home, can do much more for your skin than buying expensive chemical-based products or going to a dermatologist. One of these skincare essentials is exfoliating.

Our skin has a natural way of exfoliating. During summer, with sweat and sunscreen, our skin appears in need of exfoliation. It helps with unclogging the pores. To keep your skin fresh and glowy, you need to exfoliate once or twice a week. But dermatologist warns against overdoing it. If your skin is sunburnt, don’t exfoliate; wait and let it heal. Try light and gentle exfoliants.

5. Keep hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated during summer is most important both for your body and skin (keep drinking water in winter too). With heat waves and an overly sweaty body, we quickly get dehydrated in summer. Doctors, dermatologists, nutritionists, and beauty experts always emphasize drinking water. Drinking more fluid and keeping yourself hydrated will come with countless other benefits lending more youth and longevity to our skin. Remind yourself to drink water all day!

6. Cut down on showering time

During summer, we shower more than once a day as our day involves workouts, beach time, and a lot of sweat. But over-showering can damage our hair and skin. Staying in the shower, especially if it is hot, can leave us with dry skin that could lead to many other problems. Cut your shower time to 4 to 5 minutes under cold water, and try not to shower more than twice a day.

Skincare products for summer
Summer skincare routine and tips that can be easily incorporated into a daily routine for better and healthier skin are discussed above. Many other naturally obtained products are great for our skin. These non-chemical and herbal skincare products are made with utmost care. Some of the skin care products best suited for summertime are the following.

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